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Functions in the Generic DLL

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The folder \EXAMPLES\GENERIC\ contains Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 project files and source code files that are needed to compile the example DLL GENERIC.xll. You can use this project as a template for writing your own Microsoft Office Excel XLLs. The source code in this project demonstrates many of the features of the Office Excel C API.

When you load GENERIC.xll, it creates a new Generic menu with four commands:

  • Dialog - Displays a Microsoft Office Excel dialog box.

  • Dance - Moves the selection around until you press the ESC key.

  • Native Dialog - Displays a Windows dialog box.

  • Exit - Unloads GENERIC.xll and removes the Generic menu.

GENERIC.xll also provides three worksheet functions, Func1, FuncSum, and FuncFib, which can be used whenever GENERIC.xll is loaded. GENERIC.xll can be loaded using the Add-in Manager, or it is loaded if it was active at the normal end of the last Excel session.

This project uses the framework library (FRMWRK32.lib).