Change the UnknownMember property of dimensions from Hidden to None

This rule analyzes each dimension to determine whether the UnknownMember dimension property is set to Hidden.

Suppressing unknown members by setting the UnknownMember dimension property to Hidden hides relational integrity issues. Moreover, because hidden members might contain data, it might appear that results do not make sense. It is recommended that this setting be avoided except in prototype applications.

To surface referential data integrity problems, set the UnknownMember dimension property to None or Visible, instead of Hidden.

For more information about the UnknownMember dimension property, see Configuring Database Dimension Properties in SQL Server Books Online.

For more information about issues related to unknown dimensions members, see the sections, "Optimizing data inserts, updates, and deletes" and "Reference relationships," in the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Performance Guide.

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