sp_syscollector_set_cache_window (Transact-SQL)

Sets the number of times to attempt a data upload in case of failure. Retrying an upload in the event of a failure mitigates the risk of losing collected data.

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sp_syscollector_set_cache_window [ @cache_window = ] cache_window

[ @cache_window = ] cache_window

Is the number of times a failed data upload to the management data warehouse is retried without losing data. cache_window is int with a default value of 1. cache_window can have one of the following values:




Cache all the upload data from the previous upload failures.


Do not cache any data from an upload failure.


Cache data from n previous upload failures, where n >= 1.

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

You must disable the data collector before changing the cache window configuration. This stored procedure fails if the data collector is enabled. For more information, see How to: Enable or Disable Data Collection, and Managing Data Collection Using Transact-SQL.

Requires membership in the dc_admin (with EXECUTE permission) fixed database role to execute this procedure.

The following example disables the data collector, configures the cache window to retain data for up to three failed uploads, and then enables to data collector.

USE msdb;
EXECUTE dbo.sp_syscollector_disable_collector;
EXECUTE dbo.sp_syscollector_set_cache_window 3;
EXECUTE dbo.sp_syscollector_enable_collector;

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