Web Authentication Reference

This topic describes functionality that will be obsolete. This functionality is provided only to support legacy applications. Live Connect incorporates features that provide equivalent functionality.

Because Web Authentication is platform independent and does not require you to install binary components on your server, this documentation does not include a traditional application programming interface (API) reference. Instead, each of the QuickStart samples provided with Web Authentication includes a function library (WindowsLiveLogin) for its particular language. For example, the Ruby sample includes WindowsLiveLogin.rb, which you can review in any text editor to learn what functions are available to you and to see how they work. For more information about installing and running each of the samples, see QuickStart Samples for Web Authentication.

No matter what platform or language you choose, however, you may want to know more about how Web Authentication works. The topics in this section describe how tokens are encrypted and decrypted and offer information about the parameters that POST responses and tokens can include.

The topics are:

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