Incorporating Windows Live Controls

This topic describes functionality that will be obsolete. This functionality is provided only to support legacy applications. Live Connect incorporates features that provide equivalent functionality.

One of the main benefits of using Windows Live ID authentication on your site is single sign-in to Windows Live services: users who sign in to your site can visit many other Windows Live sites without having to resubmit their credentials. This functionality is especially useful if you decide to incorporate Windows Live controls into your site. You can seamlessly integrate advanced, useful, and cool functionality, and combine your own innovation with the power of Windows Live services and social relationships.

For example, with the Windows Live Contacts control (a client-side JavaScript object), visitors can use their Windows Live contacts with your Web site. By means of this control, a user can choose to share contact information with your site.

Additional functionality includes the following:

  • Users can view presence information for their contacts
  • Users can initiate a Windows Live Messenger conversation with a contact
  • Your Web site can predefine messages for users to send to their contacts

If your site does not use Windows Live ID for authentication, your users must sign in twice to get these features: once to Windows Live, and then again to your site. But if you are using the Windows Live ID service, all you have to do is include the Contacts control on your site and you are off and running.

Try it out! Just follow the simple steps found on the Windows Live Contacts Control page.

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