XAML and Code in the WPF Designer

XAML and Code in the WPF Designer

This section contains topics that describe how to use the WPF Designer for Visual Studio in conjunction with XAML and code.

How to: Create a Simple Event Handler

Describes how to create a simple event handler for a WPF project.

How to: Use Attached Events

Describes how to use attached events.

How to: Use Attached Properties

Describes how to use attached properties.

How to: Import a Namespace into XAML

Describes how to import a namespace into XAML.

How to: Go to the Definition of an Object in XAML

Describes how to go to an object definition in XAML view.

How to: Change XAML View Settings

Describes how to change the appearance and behavior of the XAML view.

How to: Handle Large XAML Files

Describes how to handle performance issues caused by large blocks of XAML.

How to: Rename a Symbol that is Declared in XAML

Describes how to rename a symbol or control that is declared in XAML, instead of code.

Using Resources

Contains links to topics that describe how to use resources in the WPF Designer.

XAML and Code Walkthroughs

Contains links to XAML and code-related walkthroughs.


Contains links to several XAML-related topics.

Formatting, XAML, Text Editor, Options Dialog Box

Shows how to set options related to the XAML view.

Troubleshooting WPF and Silverlight Designer Load Failures

Describes procedures for understanding unexpected behavior in your custom designer code.

Binding WPF Controls to Data in Visual Studio

Describes how to use Visual Studio to connect to data and generate business logic and data bindings.

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