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WPF Data Binding with LINQ to XML


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This section provides information about how to use LINQ to XML as the data source for data binding in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. This scenario relies upon special dynamic properties of the System.Xml.Linq.XAttribute and System.Xml.Linq.XElement. These dynamic properties are also documented in this section.

WPF Data Binding with LINQ to XML OverviewIntroduces the dynamic data-binding features provided by the System.Xml.Linq namespace, and explains how these features can be used as a data source for user interface components in the WPF.
LINQ to XML Dynamic PropertiesProvides reference information about the dynamic properties exposed by the XAttribute and XElement classes.
WPF Data Binding Using LINQ to XML ExampleProvides a WPF example that binds user interface components to an XML data source.




Advanced LINQ to XML Programming