Sending Text to NXT Display

This sample diagram demonstrates coordination between an Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio service and a LEGO® NXT Program. The VPL Service will prompt a user to enter a message, then send the message to the LEGO NXT.

If MsgReadWrite.rbt has been sent to the brick, it will be run automatically, and it will receive the message, display it to the NXT screen, then send a message back to the PC.

Send text to the LEGO NXT Display.

The heart of this diagram are the two BlueTooth commands available on the LEGO NXT Brick I/O (v2) service. SendBlueToothMessage sends a message to a running program on the Brick.

ReceiveBlueToothMessage receives a message from the Brick.  If not program is running, or no message was sent, this command will return a Fault. 

Send text to the LEGO NXT Display.



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