This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Building for Multiple Processors

This section contains information to consider when you build projects on multiple-processor or multiple-core systems.

Using Multiple Processors to Build Projects

Describes how MSBuild works in systems that have multiple processors or multiple cores.

Building Multiple Projects in Parallel

Describes how to increase build speed by using the /maxcpucount switch and the BuildInParallel task parameter.

Using Memory Efficiently When You Build Large Projects

Outlines ways to use memory more efficiently when you build large projects, especially on multiple-processor systems.

Logging in MSBuild

Describes how to log build events, messages, errors, and so forth.

Building for Specific .NET Framework Versions

Outlines the steps that you must follow to build projects that target a specific .NET Framework.

Item Definitions

Describes the ItemDefinitionGroup element and how you can use it to provide default metadata values for all items in a project.

MSBuild Concepts

Explains the concepts behind properties, tasks, targets, and other MSBuild components.