Troubleshooting the Add Printer Wizard

Troubleshooting the Add Printer Wizard

The Add Printer Wizard:

  • Always uses UDP WS-Discovery for device discovery
  • Always initiates a HTTP or HTTPS connection for metadata exchange
  • Sometimes uses directed discovery
  • Sometimes uses a secure channel (HTTPS) for metadata exchange

The following diagnostic procedures should be used (in order) to help identify problems with the Add Printer Wizard.

Bb648699.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo troubleshoot the Add Printer Wizard

  1. If directed discovery is used, troubleshoot directed discovery.
  2. Inspect adapter and firewall settings.
  3. Use a generic host and client for UDP WS-Discovery.
  4. Use WSD Debug Client to verify multicast traffic.
  5. Inspect network traces for UDP WS-Discovery.
  6. Use a generic host and client for HTTP metadata exchange.
  7. Use WinHTTP logging to verify Get traffic.
  8. Inspect network traces for HTTP metadata exchange.
  9. If a secure channel is used, troubleshoot HTTPS secure channel communication.

If the source of the problem cannot be identified using the above diagnostic procedures, follow the directions in Enabling WSDAPI Tracing and contact Microsoft support.

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