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Troubleshooting People Near Me/Meetings Near Me

Troubleshooting People Near Me/Meetings Near Me

People Near Me/Meetings Near Me:

  • Always uses UDP WS-Discovery for device discovery
  • Does not do any metadata exchange

The following diagnostic procedures should be used (in order) to help identify problems with People Near Me/Meetings Near Me.

Bb648698.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo troubleshoot People Near Me/Meetings Near Me

  1. Inspect adapter and firewall settings.
  2. Use a generic host and client for UDP WS-Discovery.
  3. Use WSD Debug Client to verify multicast traffic.
  4. Inspect network traces for UDP WS-Discovery.

If the source of the problem cannot be identified using the above diagnostic procedures, follow the directions in Enabling WSDAPI Tracing and contact Microsoft support.

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