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eConnect Samples

eConnect Samples


This portion of the documentation describes the sample applications you get when you install the Help and Samples feature. The samples are a collection of Visual Studio projects you can use to build applications that work with eConnect. The eConnect install places the folders and files for each project in the following location:

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\eConnect 12.0\eConnect Samples

The following samples are discussed:

  • Create a Customer describes a sample that creates a Microsoft Dynamics GP customer.
  • Create a Sales Order describes a sample that creates a Microsoft Dynamics GP sales order document.
  • XML Document Manager describes a sample that uses eConnect XML documents stored in XML files to complete operations in a Microsoft Dynamics GP database.
  • Get a Document Number describes two samples that demonstrate how to retrieve document numbers from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Retrieve Data describes a sample that retrieves customer data from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • MSMQ Document Sender describes a sample application that converts an eConnect XML document to MSMQ message and places the message in a queue.
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