Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Technical Articles


The following technical articles apply to Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

This topic applies to an older product version. See documentation for the most current version of Windows Embedded Compact. Or visit Windows Embedded Products & Solutions for the latest information about intelligent systems powered by Microsoft.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Advanced Memory Management

Describes how Windows Embedded CE 6.0 handles memory, how the memory is architected, and the impact on applications.

Secure Download Boot Loader in Windows Embedded CE

Defines secure download boot loaders (SDBL), and provides an overview of the implementation and tools used in implementing an SDBL.

Optimizing the Performance of a Windows Network Projector

Describes how to optimize the performance of a Windows Network Projector.

BusEnum: Enabling Finer Control of Device Driver Loading

Describes an enhanced version of the bus enumerator driver, also known as BusEnum, which gives better control over when a device driver will be loaded.

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