Hosting Tutorials Overview

Services run within an environment known as a Decentralized Software Services (DSS) node, DSS node. A DSS node is a hosting environment that provides support for services to be created and managed until they are deleted or the DSS node is stopped. A DSS node can either be started as a stand-alone application using the DSS Host Tool (DssHost.exe) or as part of another application using the DSS environment static class. The hosting tutorials provide an introduction for how to host a DSS node within other applications.

Hosting Tutorial 1 – Starting and Stopping the DSS Environment

This tutorial provides the programmer with the basics for how to start and stop the DSS Environment.

Hosting Tutorial 2 – Finding a Service and Communicating with it

This tutorial extends Tutorial 1 by looking up a service instance in the directory and then do a GET request on that service.

Hosting Tutorial 3 – Finding two Services and Communicating with them

This tutorial extends Tutorial 2 by showing how to use Concurrency and Coordination Runtime primitives for coordinating communication with two services

Hosting Tutorial 4 – Creating Services

This tutorial shows the programmer how to programmatically create services from the DSS Environment.

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