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Office Communications Server 2007 Server SDK WMI Reference

Communications Server 2007 Server SDK Documentation

Office Communications Server 2007 Server SDK WMI Reference

The following are the Office Communications Server 2007 Server SDK Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes.

MSFT_CWAServerSettingIdentifies the TLS certificate information and activation state for a Communicator Web Access (CWA) server.
MSFT_CWASiteSettingRepresents configuration and operation parameters for a Communicator Web Access (CWA) Web site.
MSFT_CWASupportedLanguageSpecifies the language that is supported by a Communicator Web Access (CWA) server.
MSFT_SIPACPMCUSettingSpecifies the listening address and port of an Audio Conferencing Provider (ACP) Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPAddressBookSettingRepresents the configuration settings for a SIP address book.
MSFT_SIPApplicationPriorityListDefines the execution order of the applications installed on a computer running Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPApplicationSettingDefines the settings used to register a SIP application with an Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPArchivingServerSettingSpecifies the computer running the Office Communications Server Archiving service.
MSFT_SIPAVMCUSettingSpecifies the listening addresses and ports of an Audio/Video Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPClientVersionFilterDataDefines a set of parameters which identify the clients that an Office Communications Server or pool supports.
MSFT_SIPClientVersionFilterSettingSpecifies the set of filter parameters that an Office Communications Server or pool uses to identify clients.
MSFT_SIPConnectionTablesUpdateTimeSettingIdentifies the last time that the server's connections limit and enhanced federation domains tables were updated.
MSFT_SIPDataComplianceSettingSpecifies compliance policy settings for data exchange through a data Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySettingDefines the data exchange capabilities, limits, and data storage locations for a data Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerDataSpecifies the Web Conferencing Edge Server FQDNs including the Internal FQDN that the internal Web Conferencing Server connects to and the External FQDN to which external users connect for Web Conferencing functionality.
MSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerPortSettingSpecifies the TLS ports that are used by a Web Conferencing Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPDataMCUSettingSpecifies the listening address and port of a data Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPDataProxySettingIdentifies the TLS certificate issuer and server name for a Web Conferencing Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPDiagnosticFilterSettingSpecifies optional URI and FQDN filters for logging components.
MSFT_SIPDiagnosticHeaderPermits the proprietary ms-diagnostics header to be included in messages sent to federated partners and unauthenticated users.
MSFT_SIPDiagnosticTracingSettingUsed to dynamically query, start, or stop tracing for a component.
MSFT_SIPDomainDataDefines an entry in the list of domains served by running Office Communications Server, and indicates whether the domain is used to create Globally Routable User Agent URIs (GRUU).
MSFT_SIPEdgeProxySettingSpecifies an Access Edge Server that is allowed to connect to a Front End pool.
MSFT_SIPEdgeServerListeningAddressSettingSpecifies the IP addresses and ports associated with Edge Server services.
MSFT_SIPEnhancedFederationConnectionLimitsDataRepresents information about open federation partners who have been classified as suspicious by the Access Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPEnhancedFederationDomainDataRepresents the last time traffic was received from the specified domain.
MSFT_SIPEsEmSettingDefines the pool level settings for Office Communications Server User Services component.
MSFT_SIPESGlobalRegistrarSettingDefines the global settings for searching the registrar.
MSFT_SIPESGlobalSearchSettingDefines the settings for the Office Communications Server registrar, including SPOP/MPOP availability and various expiry settings.
MSFT_SIPESServerSettingDefines the specific Office Communications Server settings that pertain to enterprise services.
MSFT_SIPESTrustedServerSettingRepresents a member of the list of trusted servers for the domain.
MSFT_SIPESUserACEDataDefines SIP-level allow and block access for a homed Office Communications Server user.
MSFT_SIPESUserContactDataSpecifies a contact for an Office Communications Server user.
MSFT_SIPESUserContactGroupDataDefines the settings for a contact group that is associated with a specific Office Communications Server user.
MSFT_SIPESUserSettingDefines the settings for a specific Active Directory user in the context of SIP.
MSFT_SIPFederationDeniedDomainSettingSpecifies domains that are blocked from connecting to an Access Edge Server. Any connection from or to this domain will be dropped.
MSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeListeningAddressSettingProvides certificate data for the listening port(s) on the external edge of an Access Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPFederationExternalEdgeSettingExposes properties for configuring the external edge of an Access Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPFederationInternalDomainDataLists the domains within an organization for which this Access Edge Server will route messages.
MSFT_SIPFederationInternalEdgeListeningAddressSettingProvides certificate data for the listening port on the internal edge of an Access Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPFederationInternalEdgeSettingExposes properties for configuring the internal edge of an Access Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPFederationInternalServerDataLists all internal trusted servers in the enterprise.
MSFT_SIPFederationNetworkProviderTableLists the IM service providers that are listed in the IM service providers table on an Access Edge Server. This class also provides properties used to configure each IM service provider.
MSFT_SIPFederationPartnerTableLists the domains that are allowed partners.
MSFT_SIPForwardingProxySettingSpecifies the Forwarding Proxy Server to which a pool connects.
MSFT_SIPGlobalArchivingSettingDefines the global archiving settings for users.
MSFT_SIPGlobalCDRSettingDefines the global Call Detail Records (CDR) settings for users.
MSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSettingDefines the default route and port of a Director or an Access Edge Server (if a Director is not deployed) to which internal servers route all federated communications.
MSFT_SIPGlobalMeetingPolicyDataDefines a global meeting policy.
MSFT_SIPGlobalMeetingSettingSpecifies the meeting policy that is globally enforced when scheduling a meeting.
MSFT_SIPGlobalPolicyXMLDataRepresents the XML-formatted equivalent of MSFT_SIPGlobalMeetingPolicyData.
MSFT_SIPGlobalUCPolicyDataDefines a global Enterprise Voice policy.
MSFT_SIPGlobalUCSettingSpecifies the Enterprise Voice policy that is globally enforced when participating in a unified communications session.
MSFT_SIPGroupExpansionSettingSpecifies settings of the Office Communications Server group expansion Web service.
MSFT_SIPIIMFilterFileFilterSettingSpecifies the action to perform for a file transfer request during an IM session.
MSFT_SIPIIMFilterUrlFilterSettingSpecifies the action to perform on IM messages that contain a URL.
MSFT_SIPIMMCUSettingSpecifies the IP address and port associated with an Instant Message Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPListeningAddressDataDefines a listening address on the Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPLoadedExtensionModuleElementDefines an element that indicates the status of the Office Communications User Services (registrar).
MSFT_SIPLocalNormalizationRuleDataDefines an element that is used by the location profile to normalize a number for external dialing.
MSFT_SIPLocationProfileDataSpecifies a collection of normalization rules used to normalize a phone number based on the caller's location profile.
MSFT_SIPLoggingToolSettingSpecifies the configuration file path, the log file path, and the debug session owner for a Office Communications Server 2007 Logging Tool session.
MSFT_SIPLogOptionsDefines the options available to the Office Communications Server Archiving service.
MSFT_SIPLogServiceSettingDefines an instance of the Archiving service, which logs SIP messages sent to it by the archiving agent running on the Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPLogSettingDefines the settings for the loaded instance of the logging-specific extension module on the Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPMCUFactorySettingDefines a Media Control Unit (MCU) factory to manage MCUs.
MSFT_SIPMCUSettingExposes the settings for a specified Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPMediaRelayNetworkInterfaceDataExposes the networking settings for a Media Relay on an Audio/Video Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPMediaRelaySettingExposes the settings for a Media Relay on an Audio/Video Edge Server.
MSFT_SIPMediationServerConfigSettingExposes the locally stored configuration settings for a Mediation Server.
MSFT_SIPMediationServerSettingExposes the configuration settings that are stored in Active Directory for a Mediation Server.
MSFT_SIPMeetingInviteSettingSpecifies settings that are sent as part of a meeting invite.
MSFT_SIPMeetingScheduleSettingSpecifies per-user meeting limits for users in a specified pool.
MSFT_SIPPhoneRouteDataAssociates a normalized number with one or more gateways or phone route usage policies.
MSFT_SIPPhoneRouteUsageDataAssociates one or more phone route usage policies with a phone route, which is used to enforce dialing policies.
MSFT_SIPPoolConfigSettingSpecifies the Network Address Translation (NAT) settings for a pool.
MSFT_SIPPoolSettingDefines an Office Communications Server Enterprise Edition pool or Standard Edition pool.
MSFT_SIPProxySecuritySettingDefines the security provider and realm for the server or pool.
MSFT_SIPProxySettingDefines the settings for a SIP proxy server.
MSFT_SIPRemoteAddressDataProvides configuration data for a remote trusted server.
MSFT_SIPRoutingSettingDefines the transport protocol for DNS-routed messages, and contains the default port for TLS connections.
MSFT_SIPRoutingTableDataDefines a single static route entry in the Office Communications Server routing table.
MSFT_SIPServerInstalledComponentDataSpecifies the name and instance ID of an Office Communications Server 2007 component that is installed on the computer.
MSFT_SIPTrustedMCUSettingRepresents an entry for a trusted Media Control Unit (MCU).
MSFT_SIPTrustedMRASServerRepresents an entry for a trusted Media Relay Authentication Service (MRAS) server.
MSFT_SIPTrustedServiceSettingRepresents an entry for a trusted Globally Routable User Agent URI (GRUU) service type.
MSFT_SIPTrustedWebComponentsServerSettingRepresents an entry for a trusted Web Components server.
MSFT_SIPUCPhoneConfigSettingSpecifies the configuration settings for a UC device.
MSFT_SIPUpdatesServerSettingSpecifies the URLs from which Microsoft Office Communicator Phone Edition devices, Microsoft Roundtable communications and archival system devices, and their supporting servers can download software updates.
MSFT_SIPUserReplicatorSettingSpecifies how often the User Replicator synchronizes with the Active Directory directory service.
MSFT_SIPVersionSpecifies the version of Office Communications Server.
MSFT_SIPVoIPEncryptionSettingSpecifies the encryption settings for enterprise voice.
MSFT_SIPWebComponentsServerSettingRepresents an entry for a trusted Office Communications Server 2007 Web Components server.
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