Connect to a Report Server (Reporting Services Configuration)

Use this dialog box to connect to a local or remote SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services report server instance. You cannot use this tool to connect to earlier versions of Reporting Services report servers. You can only connect to one instance at a time.

  • To connect to a local report server instance, use the default values and click Connect. The Reporting Services Configuration tool provides the local server name and detects the default instance. In most cases, you can click Connect without having to change the values. If you installed more than one instance, you must select the one that you want to use.

  • To connect to a remote report server instance, type the server name, click Find, select the instance, and then click Connect.

To open this dialog box, start the Reporting Services Configuration tool. This dialog box appears immediately when you start the tool. For more information, see How to: Start Reporting Services Configuration.

Server Name

Enter the network name of the computer on which SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services is installed. Type just the computer name; do not include a prefix or slashes.


Find the computer specified in Server Name.

Report Server Instance

Select which instance to connect to if multiple report server instances are installed. Only valid instances are available for selection. If you are running older versions of Reporting Services side-by-side a SQL Server instance, those instances will not appear in the list.


Connect to the server and instance you specified.

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