Remove aggregation designs that are not used by any partitions

This rule analyzes aggregation designs to determine whether there are any unused aggregation designs.

To improve the manageability and performance of metadata operations, you should typically remove unused aggregation designs. Unused aggregation designs can slow metadata operations and offer no benefit. Removal of unused aggregations occurs automatically when you use the Copy Aggregation Design dialog box in SQL Server Management Studio. Removal of unused aggregations is also automatic in the Aggregation Design Wizard and the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard. However, if you manually create aggregation designs, review the design when you have finished and remove unnecessary aggregations manually.

For more information about how to design aggregations, see Designing Partition Storage and Aggregations in SQL Server Books Online.

For performance issues related to aggregations and multiple partitions, see the section, "Aggregation considerations for multiple partitions," in the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Performance Guide.

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