Set the AttributeHierarchyVisible property of the key attribute in a parent-child dimension to False

This rule analyzes each dimension that contains a parent-child hierarchy to determine whether the key attribute is hidden.

To increase usability, you should typically hide the key attribute when the dimension contains a parent-child hierarchy. The key attribute displays a flat list of the members that it contains. The parent-child hierarchy also displays the members of the key attribute, but in a more organized manner. By hiding the key attribute, the end user receives the following benefits:

  • The end user is less confused because there is only one way to display the members of the key attribute.

  • The end user sees the members of the key attribute in a more user-friendly display instead of a flat list.

To hide a dimension attribute, set its AttributeHierarchyVisible property to False.

For more information about how to set attribute properties, see Defining and Configuring Dimension Attributes in SQL Server Books Online.

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