Avoid specifying ROLAP storage mode or enabling proactive caching with the OnlineMode property set to Immediate on remote partitions

This rule analyzes remote database partitions to determine which ones meet one of the following conditions:

  • The remote partition has ROLAP storage specified.

  • The remote partition has proactive caching enabled, and the proactive caching settings have the OnlineMode property set to Immediate.

For best performance, you should typically use MOLAP storage for all remote database partitions. If you enable proactive caching on the remote partition, you should also avoid proactive caching settings that enable the partition to enter the ROLAP mode. (That is, avoid setting the OnlineMode property to Immediate.)

If you specify ROLAP storage for the remote partition, the slower performance of ROLAP combined with the overhead of having to cross databases to reach the partition could significantly slow performance.

For more information about how to configure proactive caching, see Proactive Caching in SQL Server Books Online.

For more information about performance issues related to proactive caching, see the section, "Near real-time data refreshes," in the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Performance Guide.

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