sp_syscollector_delete_collection_item (Transact-SQL)

Deletes a collection item from a collection set.

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sp_syscollector_delete_collection_item [[ @collection_item_id = ] collection_item_id ]
    , [[ @name = ] 'name' ] 

[ @collection_item_id = ] collection_item_id

Is the unique identifier for the collection item. collection_item_id is int with a default of NULL. collection_item_id must have a value if name is NULL.

[ @name = ] 'name'

Is the name of the collection item. name is sysname with a default value of NULL. name must have a value if collection_item_id is NULL.

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

sp_syscollector_delete_collection_item must be run in the context of the msdb system database. Collection items cannot be deleted from system collection sets.

The collection set that contains the collection item is stopped and restarted during this operation.

Requires membership in the dc_admin (with EXECUTE permission) fixed database role to execute this procedure.

The following example deletes a collection item named MyCollectionItem1.

USE msdb;
EXEC sp_syscollector_delete_collection_item @name = 'MyCollectionItem1';

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