O/R Designer Messages


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see O-R Designer Messages on docs.microsoft.com. This topic lists the messages that you can encounter when you work with the O/R Designer.

Cannot create an association <association name> - property listed twice

Cannot create an association <association name> - property types do not match

Changing the return type of a DataContext method cannot be undone

Could not retrieve schema information for database object <object name>

One or more selected database objects return a schema that does not match the schema of the target class

One or more selected items contain a data type that is not supported by the designer

The connection property in the Application Settings file is missing or incorrect

The designer cannot be modified while debugging

The objects you are adding to the designer use a different data connection than the designer is currently using

The property <property name> cannot be deleted

The property <property name> cannot be deleted because it is participating in the association <association name>

The selected class cannot be deleted because it is used as a return type for one or more DataContext methods

The selected connection uses an unsupported database provider

This related method is the backing method for the following default insert, update, or delete methods

Warning. Changes have been made to the Configure Behavior dialog box that have not been applied

You have selected a database object from an unsupported database provider


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