This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Printer Compatibility Library

Visual Studio 2008

The Visual Basic Printer Compatibility Library (Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing.Printer.dll) enables code that uses the Visual Basic 6.0 Printer object to run correctly after being upgraded to Visual Basic 2008. In addition, you can subsequently modify upgraded code in Visual Basic 2008 by using the Printer Compatibility Library.


Although you can use the Printer Compatibility Library for new applications, you should use the Windows Forms PrintDocument component instead. Use the Printer Compatibility Library only when compatibility with Visual Basic 6.0 syntax is required.

The Printer Compatibility Library includes most of the properties and methods of the Visual Basic 6.0 Printer object. The DrawMode, DriverName, hDC, Port, TrackDefault, and Zoom properties are no longer supported.

It also includes several new properties and methods that make additional development easier, including a PrintAction property that enables print preview or allows you to print to a file. This enables you to add features or change your printing code without rewriting it to use .NET Framework methods.

The Printer Compatibility Library also includes a PrinterCollection class that provides information about the printers on a system. This global Printers collection exposed by the class can be used to select a specific printer.