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Creating Outlook Form Regions Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Office System SE

Office 2007

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Applies to: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System, 2007 Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Harry Miller, Kathleen McGrath, Norm Estabrook, Microsoft Corporation.

June 2007


Form regions provide a range of options for presenting a custom user interface inside of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You can customize the default page of any standard form in Outlook, such as e-mail forms, Contacts forms, and Task forms. You can add up to 30 extra pages to any standard form, each of which can address specific user needs.

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (also known as Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition, or VSTO 2005 SE) provides tools to help you add managed code to form regions that you design in Outlook, and add the form regions to Outlook add-ins.

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Help for Visual Studio Tools for Office includes the code and steps that are demonstrated in this video. Specifically, see Walkthrough: Creating an Outlook Form Region.

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