Best Practices: Application Integration Framework
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Best Practices: Application Integration Framework

Dynamics AX 2009

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a framework called Application Integration Framework (AIF) to integrate with an external application. You can use AIF to send and receive XML documents that represent business objects, such as a customer or vendor. To process these documents, Microsoft Dynamics AX must be able to parse and generate XML. AIF provides automatically generated classes referred to as data objects to implement XML serialization and de-serialization. Data objects can be defined from multiple artifacts. For more information, see Application Integration Framework Overview.

Microsoft Dynamics AX conducts a best practice check to verify that the data object is synchronized with the underlying artifacts that were used to define the data object. The best practice check is for missing or extra methods in the data object. For information about how to set the options for best practice checks, see Best Practice Options.

The following table lists the best practice error messages and how to fix the errors.


Message type

How to fix the error or warning

Data object class %1 is missing method %2.


Use the Update document service form to synchronize the data objects with the underlying schema.

Data object class %1 has extra method %2.


Use the Update document service form to synchronize the data objects with the underlying schema.

Best practices checks on certain AIF objects such as Axd<Document> classes, Ax<Table> classes, and Axd queries can take a very long time. If best practices checks are enabled as part of compiling, then compiling these classes can also take a long time. In addition, using the AIF Document Service Wizard can take longer than expected because of the best practice checking that it performs.

When you encounter a long-running best practices check, you can:

  • Allow the best practices check to finish.

  • Do not run the best practices check.

  • Do not compile with best practices checks on.

  • Disable the best practices rule for data objects in the Best Practice parameters form. To open this form, go to Tools > Options and click Best Practices. In the best practices tree, expand the Application Integration Framework node, and then clear the Entity and Data Objects Classes field.

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