Choosing a Team Foundation Server Deployment Configuration

Visual Studio 2008

You can choose a Team Foundation Server deployment that will best suit the needs of your business. The following topics will help you understand the considerations when planning and determining on a Team Foundation Server deployment.

Understanding Deployment Concepts

Provides information and links to basic elements of Team Foundation Server that you should consider when planning your deployment.

Understanding Size and Performance Limitations

Provides information about the size and performance limitations of Team Foundation Server.

Using Servers Already Configured in Your Deployment

Provides information about how you can use servers already in your deployment with Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server Planning Roadmap

Provides a roadmap you can use when planning your own Team Foundation Server deployment.

Team Foundation Server Planning Checklist

Provides a checklist you can use when installing and configuring Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Installation Guide. You can download the latest version of the Team Foundation Installation Guide from the Microsoft Download Center (

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