Charting on Cross-Tab summaries

Crystal Reports allows you to include a chart based on summary values in your Cross-Tab report. For example, with a Cross-Tab that shows the amount of a certain product sold in each region of the United States, you may want to include a chart showing the percentage of total sales provided by each region for that product.

To create a Cross-Tab chart, you must first have a Cross-Tab in your report. For information about how to create a Cross-Tab, see Creating Cross-Tabs.

To chart on a Cross-Tab summary

  1. Right-click in the embedded Crystal Reports Designer, point to Insert and click Chart.
  2. On the Type tab, select the Chart Types, and click the chart subtype that best illustrates your data.
  3. Select Automatically set chart options if you want the Chart Expert to use default options on the Axes and Options tabs.
  4. Click the Data tab.
  5. In the Placement area, specify how often your chart appears on the report, then click Header or Footer to specify where to place your chart.
  6. In the Layout area, click Cross-Tab, if it is not already selected.
  7. In the Data area, in the On change of list, click the group field you want to base your chart on.
  8. If necessary, in the Subdivided by list, click a secondary row or column you want to base your chart on.
  9. In the Show list, click the summary field you want to display on your chart.
  10. If the Axes and Options tabs appear, you can customize some of the properties, such as scaling of the axes, the legend, and the data points.

  11. Click the Text tab. Accept the default title information or add new titles to your chart.
  12. Click OK.

When your chart is inserted, it may cover a portion of the report. Move and resize the chart so that it fits properly within the report.