This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Working with Smart Device Unit Tests

Visual Studio 2008

Unit tests created in smart device test projects are known as smart device unit tests. A smart device unit test verifies the correctness of managed code in Visual C# or Visual Basic smart device projects. This section explains various aspects about working with smart device unit tests.


Smart device unit tests must run under the Smart Device host and cannot run under the Default or ASP.NET host. For more information, see How to: Specify a Test Run Configuration.

Overview of Smart Device Unit Tests

Introduces smart device unit tests and describes aspects of running them on a device or emulator.

How to: Create a Smart Device Unit Test

Describes how to generate and configure a smart device unit test.

How to: Debug while Running a Smart Device Unit Test

Describes how to debug while running a smart device unit test under the smart device test host process.

Unit Testing Framework (Devices)

Describes the device version of the Unit Test Framework.

Device Security Considerations for Unit Tests

Describes how security configuration settings on devices affect unit tests.

Smart Device Test Projects

Explains the concept of smart device unit test projects.

Configuring Test Execution

Includes links to topics that explain how to configure test execution.

Anatomy of a Unit Test

Provides an overview of the concept of unit tests.

Differences Working With Testing Tools for Smart Devices

Explains the differences between unit tests for desktop and smart device applications.