DVC Server APIs

The dynamic virtual channel (DVC) server APIs are implemented by the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) server of the connection.

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This interface is not supported.


This interface is not supported.


This enumeration is not used.

Changes in Behavior for Other Server APIs

  • The server API has been extended with an additional call which opens a dynamic virtual channel (DVC). The additional call is made using the WTSVirtualChannelOpenEx function.
  • WTSVirtualChannelRead

    When using this API with DVC, it will always prepend the data read with CHANNEL_PDU_HEADER. This means that any read must be done with at least the CHANNEL_PDU_LENGTH data block passed as the input buffer.

  • ReadFile

    If the file handle to the DVC is retrieved by calling WTSVirtualChannelQuery with parameter WTSVirtualFileHandle, the same rule will apply. All reads will include the CHANNEL_PDU_HEADER, and the read buffer has to be at least CHANNEL_PDU_LENGTH size.