Windows Deployment Services Client Functions

The following functions are used with the Windows Deployment Services Client API.

PFN_WdsCliCallback Progress notification and error messages during a file or image transfer.
PFN_WdsCliTraceFunction Receives debugging messages from the WDS client.
WdsCliAuthorizeSession Converts an anonymous session into an authenticated session.
WdsCliCancelTransfer Cancels a WDS transfer operation.
WdsCliClose Closes a handle to a WDS session or image and releases resources.
WdsCliCreateSession Starts a new session with a WDS server.
WdsCliFindFirstImage Starts the enumeration of images stored on a WDS server and returns a find handle that references the first image.
WdsCliFindNextImage Advances the reference of a find handle to the next image stored on a WDS server.
WdsCliFreeStringArray Frees the array of string values that gets allocated by the WdsCliObtainDriverPackages function.
WdsCliGetEnumerationFlags Returns the image enumeration flag for the current image handle.
WdsCliGetImageArchitecture Returns the processor architecture for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageDescription Returns the description of the current image.
WdsCliGetImageGroup Returns the image group name for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageHalName Returns the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) name for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageHandleFromFindHandle Returns an image handle for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageHandleFromTransferHandle Returns an image handle from a completed transfer handle.
WdsCliGetImageIndex Returns the image index for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageLanguage Returns the default language of the current image.
WdsCliGetImageLanguages Returns an array of languages supported by the current image.
WdsCliGetImageLastModifiedTime Returns the last-modified time for the current image.
WdsCliGetImageName Returns the name of the current image.
WdsCliGetImageNamespace Returns the name of the current image.
WdsCliGetImagePath Returns the path to the image file that contains the current image.
WdsCliGetImageSize Returns the size of the current image.
WdsCliGetImageVersion Returns the version of the current image.
WdsCliGetTransferSize Returns the size of the current transfer.
WdsCliInitializeLog Initializes the log for the client.
WdsCliLog Sends a log event to the WDS server.
WdsCliObtainDriverPackages Obtains from a WDS image, the driver packages (INF files) that can be used on this computer.
WdsCliRegisterTrace Registers a callback function that will receive debugging messages.
WdsCliTransferFile Transfers a file from a WDS server to the WDS client using a multicast transfer protocol.
WdsCliTransferImage Transfers an image from a WDS server.
WdsCliWaitForTransfer Waits for a transfer to complete.


WdsCliGetDriverQueryXml Generates an XML string which can be used to query a WDS server for driver packages. Available beginning with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
WdsCliObtainDriverPackagesEx Obtains the driver packages (INF files) that are applicable to the specified WDS driver query XML. Available beginning with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.




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