ICluster::ModifyJobTerm method

Modifies the specified job term.


HRESULT ModifyJobTerm(
  [inlong jobId,
  [in] BSTR termName,
  [in] BSTR termValue


jobId [in]

The job identifier. The ICluster::AddJob method returns this value. If you have an instance of the job that has already been added to the cluster, you can call the IJob::get_Id method to get the identifier.

termName [in]

The name of the job term. The name is case sensitive. For a list of possible terms, see Remarks.

termValue [in]

The value of the job term.

Return value

If the method succeeds, the return value is S_OK. Otherwise, the return value is an error code. To get a description of the error, call the ICluster::get_ErrorMessage method.


The following is the list of job terms that you can modify.

Job termDescription
AskedNodesA comma-delimited list of nodes that your job requires. The node must exist in the cluster.
IsExclusiveIndicates whether nodes are exclusively allocated to a job. The default is True.
NameThe display name for the job.
SoftwareLicenseThe required license features. The format is string:integer{,string:integer}.
MaximumNumberOfProcessorsThe maximum number of processors to be reserved for the job. The default is 1.
MinimumNumberOfProcessorsThe minimum number of processors to be reserved for the job. The default is 1.
PriorityThe priority of the job relative to other jobs in the queue. Possible values are: "Highest", "AboveNormal", "Normal", "BelowNormal", and "Lowest". The default value is "Normal".
ProjectThe project name that is associated with the job for accounting purposes.
RunUntilCanceledIndicates whether the resources allocated to a job are reserved until the job is canceled (even if the job has no active tasks). The default is False.
RuntimeThe run-time limit for the job. Can be "Infinite" or a string in the format dd:hh:mm.


If you specify a term that is not in the list, the method searches for a matching extended term. If the extended term is found, its value is updated; otherwise, the job term is added to the list of extended terms for the job. The names of extended terms are case insensitive.

If the job is running, you can modify only the Runtime, RunUntilCanceled, and Project terms. The changes take effect immediately. If the job is a backfill job, you cannot modify the Runtime property.

This method updates the job on the cluster. If you have an instance of the job object at the time you called this method, the instance will not reflect the update. You will need to retrieve a new instance of the job object to see the change.

To modify all the properties of a job, call the ICluster::ModifyJob method.



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