Customizing a Report Server Installation

After you install and configure a report server instance, you can further tune the installation to provide additional features or configure system settings.

Customizing Style Sheets for HTML Viewer and Report Manager

Web developers who are familiar with HTML styles and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) can use the information in this topic to determine which files can be modified to customize the appearance of Report Manager.

Enabling Report Manager to Pass Custom Authentication Cookies

Explains how to configure Report Manager to use cookies from a custom authentication extension on a report server.

Configuring Available Memory for Report Server Applications

Explains how to tune the memory settings for the Report Server Web service and Windows service.

How to: Configure a Report Server for Remote Administration

Provides instructions for allowing remote Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) requests through the Microsoft Windows firewall.

Customizing Rendering Extension Parameters in RSReportServer.Config

Explains how to set configuration settings to override default report rendering behavior.

Enabling and Disabling My Reports

Provides instructions for configuring the availability of My Reports on a report server instance.

Enabling and Disabling Client-Side Printing for Reporting Services

Provides instructions for setting up the RSClientPrint control that provides print functionality from within the HTML Viewer.

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