Tutorial: Creating a Custom Component (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


In this tutorial you will build a kiosk run-time image and include the Hello World application in this image. This tutorial takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The tutorial is meant to guide you through the process of creating a custom component, copying it into the component database, and adding it to a configuration. It does not include analyzing the target hardware or details of deploying the final image.

This tutorial assumes you have installed Windows Embedded Standard as described in the Installation Guide.

In this tutorial, you complete the following major steps to create a run-time image:

Step 1: Create a Component

Step 2: Import the Component to the Database

Step 3: Create a Kiosk/Gaming Configuration

Step 4: Add a Component and Check Dependencies

Step 5: Build the Configuration into a Run-Time Image

Step 6: Explore the Run-Time Image

Step 7: Clean Up

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