How to Componentize an Application (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Componentizing an application is the process of creating one or more custom components that contain the application and its resources.

  1. Determine the resource requirements of the application.

  2. Determine how many components to create for the application.

  3. Write descriptive Help for each component.

  4. Create a component definition (.sld) file.

  5. Create one or more repositories for the components.

  6. (Optional) If the components have more than one repository, create a repository set and add those repositories to the set.

  7. To manage related objects more easily, create a package to hold the application components and their repositories.

  8. Create one or more components for the application.

  9. Import the new components into the component database.

  10. Test the component.

  11. Release the component.

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