How to Create a DUA Script for a QFE Update (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Before you can apply a QFE update to a deployed run-time image with DUA, you must first identify the file and registry updates and author a DUA script to install these updates. DUA does not support running a QFE on a run-time image. Rather, you must author a script that installs each of the QFE update files and registry settings individually.

You create a DUA script for a QFE after deploying a run-time image that supports DUA.

Step Topic

1. Download the QFE from the Microsoft Support page and review the Release Notes for information about the file and registry updates included in the QFE.

QFE File and Registry Update Identification

2. Install the QFE to the Component Database and rebuild your run-time image. This updated run-time image can be used as a reference when you author your Device Update script.

Building a Run-Time Image in Windows Embedded Standard Studio Help

3. Author your Device Update script, and compile it to a Device Update Program.

Creating the Device Update Program

4. If your DUA script updates system files, familiarize yourself with how to update these file types.

Update System Files by Using DUA

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