Configuring Display Settings in Target Designer (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can configure the default display settings of your device in Target Designer including standard display resolutions and color depth, or use your own custom display settings.

  1. In Target Designer, in the Configuration Editor pane, expand the node for your video device driver component and select Settings.

    The Display Settings tab appears in the Details pane.

  2. In the Display Settings tab lists, change the values of the following settings:

    • Screen Resolution
    • Color Quality
    • Refresh Rate

    When you configure the component display settings in the Display Settings tab, only standard display settings are shown. Custom resolutions and refresh rates are set in the Advanced Component Properties.

    1. Open the Advanced Component Properties by choosing Advanced from the Advanced tab.
    2. In the CMI value field, type the value of the cmiScreenRefersh, cmiColorQuality, or cmiScreenResolution.
      If you type a custom value in the Advanced Component Properties, the display settings drop-down list in the Display Settings tab will be disabled.

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