Step 2: Creating the DUA Run-Time Image (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


In this step, you will create your DUA configuration in Target Designer and change the DUA settings.

  1. Run Target Designer.

  2. To open the run-time image you created in the topic, Tutorial: Building and Deploying a Run-Time Image, from the File menu, choose Open.

  3. Add the following components to your configuration by dragging them to the configuration editor pane:

    • Device Update Agent
    • Event Log
    • Registry Editor
    • Internet Explorer
    • Explorer Shell

    Use the component search to locate these components.

  4. In the configuration editor pane, expand the Device Update Agent component and choose Settings. The Device Update Agent component settings appear in the details pane.

  5. Configure the DUA component with the following settings:

    Device Update Agent Component Setting Setting

    Service Account

    Local System

    Run on Start


    Require HTTP support


    Poll Interval


    Poll Jitter


    Working Directory


    Expand Working Directory using the environment on the embedded device


    Poll Time/Day

    Check every hour of every day

    Select Command Path Type


    Complete Path to the Command File including Filename and Extension


    Expand Working Directory using the environment on the embedded device.


  6. Update the Administrator Account Component password by using the following instructions:

    1. Select the Administrator Account component in the Configuration pane. The component properties appear in the details pane.
    2. Choose Advanced. The Advanced Properties window appears.
    3. In the cmiUserPassword field, type a password for the Administrator account.
  7. From the Configuration menu, choose Build Target Image. This will build your configuration into a run-time image.

  8. Save your configuration as DUA_Tutorial.slx.

  9. Close Target Designer.

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