CompactPCI (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Windows Embedded Standard supports the full CompactPCI (cPCI) hot swap model as defined in the CompactPCI Hot Swap specification (PICMG 2.1). You can create a run-time image that permits cPCI boards to be inserted into and removed from your cPCI target system without shutting down.

In Windows Embedded Standard, a management application can use the Plug and Play API and configuration management APIs to receive and handle cPCI hot swap events.

How to Configure CompactPCI Hot Swap Support

Describes the end-to-end process for configuring CompactPCI support in your run-time image.

CompactPCI Components

Describes the CompactPCI components that you use to add support for CompactPCI.

CompactPCI Design Considerations

Describes considerations to make when you configure your run-time image for CompactPCI support.

Chassis Support Component Configuration

Describes the Chassis support component settings.

Generic CompactPCI Chassis Component

Describes the generic CompactPCI Chassis support component you can use to enable CompactPCI support.

CompactPCI Hot Swap Support Component Configuration

Describes the CompactPCI Hot Swap component settings.

Deploy a Run-Time Image

Describes the process of transferring a run-time image to a variety of media types and the components and tools that are used for this purpose.

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