DUA Settings Reconfiguration (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


When a device is deployed, you may be uncertain as to when updates are going to be performed. In many cases, the frequency or characteristics of device updates change over the lifetime of the device. To accommodate these changes, you may need to reconfigure Device Update Agent (DUA) without re-imaging the entire run-time image.

You can reconfigure DUA by using the tool's own command set to modify registry values, or manually change the DUA registry settings. These values are used to drive scheduling, polling attributes, local and remote command file settings, and a number of other parameters.

DUA Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings for the DUA service.

DUA Polling Reconfiguration

Describes how to change the DUA polling location on a deployed run-time image.

DUA Poll Location Reconfiguration Example

Provides an example of how to change the DUA polling location.

DUA Poll Scheduler Reconfiguration

Describes how to change the DUA poll scheduler.

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