Software Update Services (SUS) (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Software Update Services (SUS) provides a means to apply updates to a deployed run-time image. Run-time images that support SUS poll an internal update server that contains only approved updates for embedded clients.

SUS Overview

Describes Microsoft Software Update Services and how it can be used to service a run-time image.

Configuring SUS on a Windows Server

Describes how to configure a Windows Server to distribute SUS updates.

Adding SUS to a Run-Time Image

Describes how to add support for SUS to a run-time image.

Configuring SUS Policies on a Run-Time Image

Describes how to configure SUS by setting the group policies on your run-time image.

Approving Updates From Your SUS Server

Describes how to approve updates that are downloaded from a SUS server.


Describes the different servicing options you can use to update your run-time image.

Device Update Agent

Describes how to use Device Update Agent to service your run-time image.

Manage and Service a Run-Time Image

Describes how to manage and service a deployed run-time image.

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