This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Data.Linq.Mapping Namespace

The System.Data.Linq.Mapping namespace contains classes that are used to generate a LINQ to SQL object model that represents the structure and content of a relational database.

Public classAssociationAttributeDesignates a property to represent a database association, such as a foreign key relationship.
Public classAttributeMappingSourceA mapping source that uses attributes on the context to create the mapping model.
Public classColumnAttributeAssociates a class with a column in a database table.
Public classDataAttributeProvides members to describe attributes of data in columns.
Public classDatabaseAttributeSpecifies certain attributes of a class that represents a database.
Public classFunctionAttributeAssociates a method with a stored procedure or user-defined function in the database.
Public classInheritanceMappingAttributeMaps an inheritance hierarchy in a LINQ to SQL application.
Public classMappingSourceRepresents a source for mapping information.
Public classMetaAccessorRepresents an accessor to a member.
Public classMetaAccessor<TEntity, TMember>A strongly typed version of the MetaAccessor class.
Public classMetaAssociationRepresents an association relationship between two entity types.
Public classMetaDataMemberRepresents the mapping between a field or a property of a domain object into a column of a database table.
Public classMetaFunctionRepresents the mapping between a context method and a database function.
Public classMetaModelAn abstraction that represents the mapping between a database and domain objects.
Public classMetaParameterRepresents the mapping between a method parameter and a database function parameter.
Public classMetaTableRepresents an abstraction of a database table or view.
Public classMetaTypeRepresents the mapping of a domain object type to the columns of a database table.
Public classParameterAttributeEnables specification of mapping details for a stored procedure method parameter.
Public classProviderAttributeSpecifies which database provider to use.
Public classResultTypeAttributeUsed to specify each type of result; for functions having various result types.
Public classTableAttributeDesignates a class as an entity class that is associated with a database table.
Public classXmlMappingSourceRepresents a mapping source that uses an external XML mapping file to create the model.

Public enumerationAutoSyncInstructs the runtime how to retrieve the value after an insert or update operation.
Public enumerationUpdateCheckSpecifies when objects are to be tested for concurrency conflicts.