At least one Choice element must be included in an AlternateContent element

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The AlternateContent element requires at least one Choice element.

This error is raised when the file is a valid XML document, but is not a well-formed XAML document.

Error ID: XAML0406

Note Note

This error message also applies to the Silverlight Designer.

To correct this error

  • Insert a Choice element as a child of the AlternateContent element.

The following code example shows how to define fallback content with the AlternateContent element. Remove the Choice element to raise error XAML0406.

        <DockPanel xmlns:mc=''
		mc:Ignorable="v2" >

                <!-- Comment out the following Choice element to raise error XAML0406. -->
                <mc:Choice Requires='v2'>
                    <Button Content='V2' />
                    <Button Content='V1'/>