User Interface Reference for the WPF Designer

.NET Framework 3.5

The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Designer for Visual Studio enables you to create WPF applications in a familiar design-time experience. This topic describes some of the user interface elements found in the WPF Designer.

UI Element


Design view

Design view is the part of the designer that contains the WPF Window that is being designed.

Fit in view

The Fit in view button automatically scales the view of the active Window to fit in Design view. The Fit in view button is located at the bottom of the Zoom control.

split view

Split view contains both Design view and XAML view, and also the bar that joins the two views.

tag navigator

The tag navigator provides a navigable representation of the current XAML element, and allows you to select parent elements. The tag navigator is located at the bottom of the WPF Designer.


Window refers to the active design surface in Design view that represents a WPF window or user control.

WPF Designer

The WPF Designer is the Visual Studio designer that is used to create WPF applications. It collectively includes Design view and XAML view.

XAML view

XAML view is the part of the designer that displays the XAML markup for the active Window.

Zoom control

The Zoom control is located in the upper-left corner of Design view and allows the user to zoom in or out on the current Window by manipulating the Zoom control slider.

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