CSplitButton Class
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CSplitButton Class

The CSplitButton class represents a split button control. The split button control performs a default behavior when a user clicks the main part of the button, and displays a drop-down menu when a user clicks the drop-down arrow of the button.

class CSplitButton : public CButton

The CSplitButton class is derived from the CButton class. The split button control is a button control whose style is BS_SPLITBUTTON. It displays a custom menu when a user clicks the drop-down arrow. For more information, see the BS_SPLITBUTTON and BS_DEFSPLITBUTTON styles in Button Styles.

The following figure depicts a dialog box that contains a pager control and a (1) split button control. The (2) drop-down arrow has already been clicked and the (3) submenu is displayed.

Dialog with a splitbutton and pager control.

Header: afxcmn.h

This class is supported in Windows Vista and later.

Additional requirements for this class are described in Build Requirements for Windows Vista Common Controls.

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