EnvDTE90 Namespace

An assembly-wrapped COM library that contains the objects and members for Visual Studio core automation, and extends and complements the functionality provided by EnvDTE and EnvDTE80.

When you add an assembly reference manually, you must also set the Embed Interop Types property of the assembly to false.

Public interfaceDebugger3Debugger3 is used to interrogate and manipulate the state of the debugger and the program being debugged. Debugger3 supersedes the Debugger2 and Debugger interfaces.
Public interfaceExceptionGroupsRepresents the top-level groups available in the first-chance exception dialog in the debugger.
Public interfaceExceptionSetting
Public interfaceExceptionSettingsA collection of ExceptionSetting objects, each representing a set of exception settings for the debugger.
Public interfaceHTMLWindow3Represents an HTML document window in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceModuleRepresents a module in a process that is being debugged.
Public interfaceModulesRepresents the collection of modules available in a process being debugged.
Public interfaceProcess3The Process3 object is used to examine and manipulate processes. The Process3 object supersedes the Process2 and Process objects.
Public interfaceSolution3Represents all projects and solution-wide properties in the integrated development environment (IDE). Supersedes Solution and Solution2.
Public interfaceTemplateRepresents a Visual Studio template available in the current instance of the integrated development environment (IDE).
Public interfaceTemplatesRepresents all of the templates in the current project.
Public interfaceThread2Represents a thread in a Visual Studio application.
Public interfaceToolBoxTab3Represents a tab in the Toolbox, along with any objects the tab contains. ToolBoxTab3 supersedes the ToolBoxTab and ToolBoxTab2 interfaces.

Public enumerationenum_THREADCATEGORY
Public enumerationvsHTMLBackgroundTasksIndicates how a program execution is paused until background processing is completed.
Public enumerationvsHTMLPanesRepresents the pane tabs in the HTML editor.
Public enumerationvsHTMLViewsRepresents the currently active view in the the HTML editor.

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