Subscribe to and Check the Finance Name Policy

In this task, you will configure the Finance database to subscribe to the Finance policy category. Then, you will test the Finance Name policy.

To subscribe to the Finance policy category

  1. In Object Explorer, expand Databases, right-click Finance, point to Policies, and then click Categories.

  2. Select the Subscribed box for the Finance category.

  3. Click OK. 

To test the enforcement of the Finance Name policy

  1. In Management Studio, open a query window. Execute the following statements that try to create a table that violates the Finance Name policy. The table violates the policy because the table name does not begin with the letters fintbl.

    USE Finance ;
    (Col1 int) ;

    Notice that the policy prevents the table from being created and returns an informational message that provides the policy name.

  2. To provide a valid name, modify the code as follows and run the statement again.

    USE Finance ;
    CREATE TABLE fintblNewTable
    (Col1 int) ;

    This time, the table is created.

To apply the policy to the whole server

  1. Currently, only the Finance database subscribes to the Finance policy category. In many cases, it is easier to apply the policy category to the whole server. In Object Explorer, expand Management, right-click Policy Management, and then click Manage Categories.

  2. In the Manage Policy Categories dialog box, locate the Finance category, and select the Mandate Database Subscriptions box for the Finance category.

  3. Click OK. Now the Finance category applies to all databases, but the condition that you have created restricts the Finance Name policy to the Finance database. This shows how you can use complex combinations of conditions to target policies in ways that will apply correctly on many servers.

This tutorial has shown you how to create Policy-Based Management conditions, policies and policy groups, and how to apply filters and check the compliance of Policy-Based Management targets.

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