How to Configure a Static IP Address on a Run-Time Image (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


You can change the default networking configuration on a run-time image by adding Netsh (or Net Shell) support to your run-time image. With Netsh, you can configure static or dynamic IP addresses, subnet masks and gateways. The default networking configuration for a run-time image is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). For more information about Netsh, see this Microsoft Web site.

Use Netsh after a target is built and First Boot Agent (FBA) is complete.

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Step Topic

1. Add the Netsh components to your run-time image.

Adding Netsh Support to a Run-Time Image

2. Build and deploy your run-time image.

Building a Run-Time Image in Windows Embedded Standard Studio Help

3. From a command prompt, use Netsh to configure the network settings on your run-time image.

Configuring a Static IP Address on a Run-Time Image

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