Device Update Script

Device Update Script (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


This section describes the command language and syntax used by the Device Update Agent service to communicate with the Device Update Agent script compiler located on the development system. It also describes the lexical rules for typing characters in a source file.

Device Update Agent Script Conventions

Describes the basic syntax to use when creating a DUA script.

Creating the Device Update Program

Describes how to use the DUSC utility to compile a DUA script.

DUA Script Compiler Commands

Describes the different commands used to create a DUA script.

DUA Sample Script Commands

Provides DUA command samples.

Sample DUA Script

Provides a sample DUA script.

Redistributing the Device Update Script Compiler

Describes how to distribute the DUA script compiler for third party distribution.

DUA Script Command Reference

Provides a reference for all of the DUA script commands.

Device Update Agent

Describes the Device Update Agent (DUA). You can use DUA to upgrade a run-time image remotely with QFE updates or revised components.

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