CompactFlash (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


Windows Embedded Standard supports deploying run-time images onto CompactFlash devices. Because the lifespan of a CompactFlash device is limited, it is recommended that you protect the device with Enhanced Write Filter (EWF).

How to Configure EWF for CompactFlash

Describes the end-to-end process for configuring EWF for a CompactFlash device.

CompactFlash Design Considerations

Describes the considerations to make when creating a run-time image for a CompactFlash device.

Configuring the CompactFlash Device

Describes how to configure your CompactFlash device before deploying your run-time image to it.


Describes the BootPrep utility. This utility configures a FAT16 formatted file system to boot Windows XP.

Troubleshooting CompactFlash

Describes some of the common problems and resolutions for deploying to CompactFlash devices.

Deploy a Run-Time Image

Describes the process of transferring a run-time image to a variety of media types and the components and tools that are used for this purpose.

Enhanced Write Filter

Describes how to write-protect a run-time image by using EWF.

Design a Run-Time Image

Describes the design phase of the development process. During this phase you can choose the components and resources required for your run-time image.

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