Verifying Communications Between the Device and the Development System (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


After adding the remote debugging support components, you must:

  • Deploy the run-time image to the device and connect the device to the network.
  • Verify communications between the development system and the device.

  1. In Target Designer, run a dependency check and build the run-time image.

  2. Copy the run-time image to your device and run First Boot Agent (FBA). After the FBA process completes, the device will boot to Windows Embedded Standard.

  3. Log into the device.

  4. From your development system, open a command prompt window and use the ping command to test the network connectivity between the systems. For example, type: PING machineName

    The device should respond to the ping command. If it does not respond, check the network connection for the device. If the command fails, you can use Event Viewer to check the System Log and look for problems reported by Setup or the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) service. For more information on Event Viewer, see Using Event Viewer in the Windows XP Help.

    The device's firewall settings may also prevent it from responding to the ping command. For more information on the firewall settings to use for remote debugging, see Configure the Firewall to Enable Remote Debugging.

Once the run-time image is deployed to the networked device, you can prepare the device for remote debugging.

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