Configuring IIS to Serve the Device Update Program (Windows Embedded Standard 2009)


If you are using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to host your Device Update Program and update files, you must register the Device Update Agent (.dup) as a known filename extension. By default, IIS denies requests made for unknown filename extensions with an HTTP 404 error.

The following procedure is for use with IIS version 6.0. For other versions of IIS, see your IIS documentation.

  1. Start IIS Manager by typing inetmgr at a command prompt. The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Window appears.

  2. Expand the Web Sites node and find the directory where your Device Update Program is located.

  3. Right-click the directory and select Properties. The Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Under the HTTP Headers tab, choose MIME Types. The MIME Types dialog box appears.

  5. Choose New. The MIME Type dialog box appears.

  6. Type the following values:

    • Extension: .dup
    • MIME Type: application
  7. Choose OK.

  8. To update the available MIME types, restart the IIS service.

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